Where to make best caps and hats in China?

Referring to network of headwear manufacturers we would like to share with everyone today, athought many caps and hats are produced in China, what are the differences and characteristics of these hats? hats are one of the main accessories of the present crowd, and they have been upgraded to major accessories and heating keepers. Especially in winter, people’s demand for keeping warm is increasing. But do you know where the hats you are wearing every day comes from? Do you know where your hat is made?

Actually in China cap factory industries, Qingdao of Shandong province, Yiwu City of Zhejiang province are two old and classical cap production bases, mainly providing middle and low grade quality caps and hats. After decades of development, the Pearl River Delta has gradually formed a hat industry chain, especially in Shenzhen city, Dongguan city and other places. Such as Shenzhen Fida, Shenzhen Nanfeng, Shenzhen and Hing hat industry and other high-grade hat factory rise. But most high quality cap producer without no doubts, for sure in Shanghai City of China, which is wholesale export center as well for many kinds of high class caps and hats besides other export stuffs. For this detailed industry, I will gradually write in my other cap China blog:

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It’s a long story then!

Wholesale Priced China baseball caps online in a Gamut of Styles and Designs.

Wholesale Priced China baseball caps online in a Gamut of Styles and Designs. From China caps

You will probably find manufacturers and wholesalers inside your locality and nation which are getting you a number of baseball caps to satisfy the advantages of fashion enthusiasts and individuals who really need them. However, exactly what is a common concerns of all individuals (mainly who’re managing a store) would be to make more profits and shoose superior quality baseball caps from top brankds at much discounterd prices. With this, China is just about the good place from where one can choose a number of China baseball caps at much great prices and witout compromising with quality. All you need to do is just to select the right quality, a much better color combination, different designs, styles, sizes and shapes and a number of different caps that produced in China for just about any specific purpose, check the details, add to your cart and palce the order.

Where to find a reputable China baseball cap manufacturer online?

You would possibly probably got your baseball caps made many times provided by China, however do you possess any kind of thought in which is the particular area to buy best quality baseball caps with China? Where is definitely the best suitable quality cap for Middle level market and where is the discount one? DongYang City in zhejiang province of China is actually a one stop reliable place where more and more suppliers are available and bringing you a plenty of China baseball caps at very competitive prices. Some of them are brandnew, while some of them have many years of experience. They are providing you will full and scientific production control stystem — a trained steady and responsible as well as professional staffs who are designers, knit and raw fabric expert, tailors, multilingual sales executives and managers who take the responsibility of everyhing to get the baseball caps delivered to your offered address punctually.

Pick baseball caps of your own options at wholesale low prices.

Choices are yours; You can choose considerably more that is definitely of good quality in addition to competitively priced in price; You are able to select from woven caps, which including many styles like embroidered baseball caps, printed baseball caps, snapback baseball caps, camouflaged baseball caps, washed baseball caps, women baseball caps, mens baseball caps and a variety of other ball caps. Prices are competitive and will be in your budget; while you can make more profits by reselling them at a bit higher prices that will be in your clients’ budget. They also offer you manufacturers’ warranty, easy return pocily, one day dispatching, printing option, customization option and a lot more. There are more offerd to you at the time of placing your order for China Baseball caps to a selected and reliable manufacturer in this commercial hub of Asia and of course worldwide. So what are you watting for, feel free to get in touch with them via any convenient mode of communication to choose the caps of your option and without going anywhere.

Popular baseball caps in Asia !

Here to introduce a few very hot in recent years, I also like the hot baseball cap styles!


Popular baseball caps in Asia !


1、2020ave (priceRMB 90-150)

The 2020 is a young brand foreign girls who love most, somewhat similar to the zara, but the price is lower than Zara. Follow the same fashion line with Zara, 2020ave is complete and close to the trend of a single product. So their baseball cap is not only of many styles, but also the latest hot style

The most popular is this “bad hair day” personalized slogan


  • millitage premium (RMB:100-200)

This is a Korean hat par tide brand, by also many young people love them, GD has not yet launched its personal brand PEACEMINUSONE ,which is the hottest style of this brand, let’s look forward to it.




And the Ring Metal Cap with rings is also very popular


  1. R.SHEMISTE (RMB:500-800)

This is also a brand new trend of Korea, a little expensive, and very few styles, but each one is an explosion, although exceeded $60, but it still every popular and here I can not help but to introduce. This is the original design of hottest style “Ring Metal Cap” this 2 years.



This year also comt out a super personality tags, a good style see below,


  1. STEREO VINYLS (RMB:100-300)

This is a brand, which was founded in London in 2012 by a group of designers in London team, took only 3 years to become a Hallyu star famous brand favorite. From clothing to hat walk street fashion style, often with insulation brand or celebrity cooperation . There is no exception on their caps as well, there are many styles and each of them is very unique.



The new masterpiece is NOU NOU series, which was an cooperation between the French artist Jean Jullien’s , those caps inserted a line of expression simple face, humorous and casual, looking down and you will expose the inner world.



  1. REMAKE (RMB:40-400)

This is a Japanese brand, but also a lot of fans love and follow brand. Especially their baseball caps, with many styles, and many of them are the current popular models, you can also find a lot of luxury accessories and branded alternative models in their home. The above mentioned Long Strap Cap which became popular by GD’s wearing, you can still find many similar in their shops.

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Most hottest baseball cap in 2017! You deserve to have them.

Most hottest baseball cap in 2017! You deserve to have them.


1.Fitted cap

You may be unfamiliar with this brand, but you’ll know that hot film star in China, li yifeng, the “national male god”, often wears a baseball cap in the back of his head. The cap will not drop down, is known as fitted baseball cap , which is also called “totally enclosed baseball cap”.


2.Dad Cap

It’s also called Daddy Hat. It has become a popular element this year 2017, and it has been helped by celebrity and fashion icons. See below ,guess who she is ?


3.Five panels baseball cap

The five panels baseball caps are the five pieces of cloth, except the brim. Itsn’t too stuffy when traveling on your head , but it’s not appropriate for people with round faces to wear.


4.Microcurved brim baseball cap

Doodays independently developed this baseball cap, which is said to have been tested hundreds of times, and the production cap is suitable for any face shape and hat lover’s Gospel.


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How to choose a woman hat?

This article is written by  Cap China

Within many years round in foreign countries, So the foreign brands I recommend are certainly better than others. The main styles are mainly recommended in this article, because a good style often is more important than a brand, really hope this can bring you more ideas that how to choose a woman hat.
In fact, choosing the hat is a very personal thing, everyone faces different hairstyle temperament problem, weather or not suitable for wearing a hat is firstly a problem; suitable for wearing what kind of hat that is also another problem. Fortunately I belong to the guy who is especially suitable for wearing a hat , so I am always joking that must be a hat design problems if my wearing a hat is certainly not good-looking (really is a joke!).
Below I recommend 3 brands.


The classic Italy brand, there are stores in each big city of Italy, in some other European countries also have stores. Then it is New York and Tokyo. I especially love the hat, the first number is very small, the quality is very good, then what color, style is classic. And my own words must have the following basic hat style:

a.A big cowboy style hat

This hat is my favorite, which must be big enough leading to a natural drape. I think this one is basically impossible to make a mistake, with a long woolen coat, casual style, belonging to the hat that every day it can be used.

B. classic flat brim slightly narrow brimmed hats


A relatively narrow words is a test face, basically face lift and angular more appropriate (see chart model), fat face shouldn’t try.
This hat is my favorite, which must be big enough natural drape can. I think this one is basically impossible to make a mistake, with a long woolen coat, casual style, belonging to every day can be used on the hat.

C. Vintage Ladies Hat


The revision is very popular in Europe and the United States in 60s when the hat, synonymous with elegance. This hat is the main pick, pick is temperament. The best collocation is a sleeveless dress with the same vintage 50s or 60s, then wear a long glove; or is directly coupled with vintage suit skirt, a pair of simple fine with pumps. some similar reference:




d. men’s peaked cap


One of my winter standard, is actually in the male cap category, but the number of Borsalino, so there are relatively small for female choice. How collocation? Really all-match, online casual search point pictures for your reference.


A very low-profile small German brand, knitted hats are firstly recommend , simple and warm with good quality. Some European boutiques sold inside their in door hats, otherwise I don’t really know where to buy.
a. bobble hat


Theis style I bought the red one, in fact, these hats are in the sale of the key to the high streets and back lanes, the quality is good, or not wearing a rotten, so as not to buy it. The best of course is cashmere and animal fur decorated POM POM (hat on top of the ball).
b. Knit Beret


If the fabric is not the wool then is not good, But I think up this knitting style will be more casual, more people are also suitable for daily wear, so I really recommended.
3.Eugenia Kim





A designer from New York, a lot of hat is a model with the combination of function and fashion, a brand I personally love. Her works a little stick:

With the above style, in fact, each of the big brands will be a classic style hat, Loro Piana, Hermes max, Mara and other brands will have some good. Popular words in Anglo American students suggested to pay attention to Anthropologie, cheap price and good quality; while in the United States, goorin Bros. went to criticizm (Canada also store) ~ in the domestic students, you have everything a treasure!

Well, that’s all. For more information of caps and hats, Please visit our site: China caps ! Http://www.caps-china.net

Some taboos of wearing a hat

How to wear a hat well? It seems a simple question but actually, there might be some points you don’t pay attention to , well, here we ‘re gonna make some advice for this “simple question” , how to wear a cap well and right ?Not too loose or too tight on the size of the hat , this is to match with your head. If the hat is too small to wear, even you get it done finally, you will still find it too tight, uncomfortable in the head, affecting the blood circulation of the head as well. If the hat is too large, the result of you wearing this is that, you will feel it not warm, and easy to fall off. The general choice of hat, should take into account the size of the head circumference, shrink hair for change the volume and hat after washing. Young people are in the developmental glowing stage, with generous old hat; candidates should pay attention to the practical; winter hat should choose soft and comfortable one, which is light and warm; summer hat should be with light, ventilation normally with light color. Avoid long wearing, do not try to wash the scalp rich sebaceous glands, especially young, sebum secretion and Perspire on the dust absorption, the brim or lining greasy filth, smell, which is a good breeding environment for saprophytic fungus lipophilic. This kind of dirty hat worn on the head, you will find it is easy for the scalp folliculitis caused by friction. Moreover, after sweat volatile corrosive, it ‘s easy to make the hat crisp, fade and damage as well.
So, the hat after a period of time, soapy water and a soft brush using warm wash, and then rinse clean warm water or hot water. In order to facilitate cleaning, this can also be a piece of thin cotton piece in the hat, so it can be often washed for convenience. However, water is not available, airtight plastic cloth do lining, because it is not conducive to the head of health care.

Bogey free hat in winter, you should pay attention not to be a free hat. For example running after sweating, or just getting into the high temperate of the room, if you take off the hat, it is easy for the body heat from the head spreading quickly, leading to colds. Another taboos is that, we never suggest you borrow someone else’s hat , which is the worng way and the long suffering from other people or tinea capitis infectious diseases, often with a hat germs. Just borrow someone else’s hat, is likely to be infected with the head imperceptibly. To avoid disease throughout the hat with the head of the disease (Huang Xuan) who, for fear others see indecent, often throughout the year to wear a hat, the sick head Part of the cover tightly. In fact, this is not scientific. If someone is doing so, the head of long-term lack of sunlight in the ultraviolet sunlight, can not make the play of destruction, ringworm of the scalp bacteria inhibition; two is bad for the head of the air circulation, it will create favorable conditions for the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which is not conducive to the head disease recovery. Also, to avoid hat for other hat which is worn on the head to keep warm, health care products, but not for other purposes. Some people take a hat sometimes when the cushion, sometimes when the cloth blowing dust, and then immediately put on the head, this is not scientific. After the hair is not dry on the bogey hat from the bathroom or haircut, not Less people often ranging from the hair is dry, it will be the hat on his head, intended to prevent wind and cold, in fact it is not a good way. In TCM, head of the human body Yang convergence where the brain is the sea of marrow, talent is part of the “Zhuyang will be” fine “. Yang Fu said.” it is not “evil” invasion, especially not containing “wet illness” invasion( Chinese Medical saying) . “Due to wet evil”, the most easily hurt Yang, stagnation of blood. Wet evil invasion leader, will lead to dull heavy lassitude. If the wet wet head, wearing a hat, then wet evil no loose hair, many times, it will produce the symptoms. So, don’t rush to wear a head when wet Hat, after the hair dry, and then wear a hat is appropriate, to avoid from “wet illness” harm. All this were written by caps China

Sunny cap options in this summer

In the summer, the sunlight is strong and it’s very hot as we know, under the strong sunlight people all would like to have a sun hat or umbrellas and the sun hat here we would like to talk about, normally be made by different materials, such as cotton, canvas, new functional materials, etc. There are so many kinds of fabric there, do you know which one is suitable to you? What is a good material to a sunny cap and how to choose sun hat?

What is the good material of sunny cap from analyses or recommendation from we cap China?
Generally speaking sunny cap is made of nylon and cotton, sometimes cotton blended and mesh, besides some of straw hats we saw. Hat is prevented bask in effect is the key to the size of the material density, which can be distinguished by the naked eye easily. Comparing with other sunny cap, meshing gauze cap and straw material density are the largest ones, while wearing is very cool too, but the camouflage effect of this hat is worst, prevent bask in the effect of all too clear; Cotton sunny caps prevent bask in coefficient of up to 1000 above, but the material is thicker, summer wearing is especially easy to perspire. Nylon cap material is qualitative light, which is very suitable for use in the summer, anti-UV protection is very good. If you don’t care exactly about cap shape, baseball cap China is still a good kind of cap for summer.
In addition to the material, we, China cap factory would like to recommend, choosing a right sunny cap, is also according to your own actual situation. If you use a sunny cap very frequently, such as the outdoor work, or traveling, better you should choose a wide-brimmed hat; Neck short guy better have a half and a narrow edge of hat ; Women with Long hair, best option is to wearing a wide-brimmed hat, which can get a good protection of your hair in the hot summer.

In conclusion, nylon sunhat sunscreen would be a best option as we saw normally.

China caps tell you at last, how to choose a sun hat?
The summer sun or high altitude with a sunshade cap of course. Commonly used cloth, straw, plastic, etc. Half spherical crown, some on the forehead or on both sides of the falbala. Lady’s hat behind a small cuttings ponchos in order to protect the neck; Men’s hat frontier starched tongue or equipped with the sun glasses. Some hat will be a stretch out canopy, called the peak. Wear a hat in different culture has different etiquette, it is especially important in western culture, because the hat is a symbol of social status in the past.

Why cap prices differ a lot?

Everyone knows that good quality goods normally with good money, price you paid and what material process and service you get were equivalent, examples below give you three regular requirements on hats why the same hat or cap but prices are so different.

First let’s see one of our clients, for example, Coca-Cola China branches once needed to do a lot of offline promotion supermarket square promoters, such as this kind of hat, their price is low, we call it a promotional caps but please notice, since that is made of big LOGO advertising effect, even comfort durability requirements are very low, many temporary activities and even disposable goods. This kind of demand hat price is rather on the low side.

The second client we want to talk: Infiniti, for example, placed us 2,300 caps, is used to test drive activity to test drive customers gifts. Infiniti is known to all is a luxury brand, so they have some very strict requirements about the quality of the hat, but because it is free of price have a certain budget, this kind of demand hat is medium price.

The third kind of customer is Answer, our top brand hat company in China as a example, the Answer is the domestic well-known clothing brand positioning in the high-end In the department stores have a branch in which this kind of request higher quality Every detail of the hat is very harsh, from material to each step having a request to the packing, the customers have a high request for every detail of course, They sold the price was also high in the shop, and it said the two auxiliary tools were marketing activities. Answer this is direct sales, so the price of the hat will be on the top high side, that’s high class quality caps.

From what has been discussed above We will ask customer hat purposes In according to the need of quality offer. In addition to the above said , for example a small embroidery on cap, domestic embroidery machine and imported embroidery machine in Japan can be embroidered But the quality is so far. Embroidery machine price differs a few times, our factory is imported Japan behringer embroidery machine, and many of other factors Not listing here may affect the price as well. Actually you know, good quality caps worth much more money. Client can view this wholesale cap order of some of our previous orders to see different kinds of quality caps that made by our China caps factory for your rerference.

How to choose a right cap for you according to your skin color and figure

We, Really High, a leading china cap factory, with superb technology on embroidery and printing, excellent quality and perfect service, our caps and hats are exported to all over the world. Including: Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East and other places, formed a strong sales network worldwide. High quality caps and hats, competitive price, accurate and timely delivery and thoughtful enthusiasm service is our key to win the customers. Our Company has a professional sales team, specifically any consulting and resolve customer problems in a timely manner. Because of this, some world famous brands businessmen choose us as suppliers of its stability.

First, the hat with color of skin
Color of skin ruddy, choose the hat has a wide range of colors, with a lot of color coordination.
Gray skin color, suitable for the purity is not high in the middle of the color, white jade, stone green, shallow blue, brown, lilac wait, don’t choose gorgeous color.
White skin, the color of the hat for is more, but because white skin is easy to give a person tender feeling, choose a hat so, should avoid to choose the color of white, or close to white.
Dark-skinned people when choose bright-coloured color hat, attention should be paid to the overall effect of the dress.
Yellow skin people should not be yellow, and green hat, but if the deep dark brown, purple lotus wait for color, greenish grey, grey hat and dress appropriate combination, also can obtain good effect.

Second, hats and shape
Tall hat appropriate shoulds not be small, or you will give a person the sense light but head heavy.
A slender China hat should be small not big, can give a person top-heavy sense otherwise.
Short statures 8 women unfavorable Dai Ping hat, tall women should not be high cap.
China hatting factory choice hat should foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, both to put right, and to make others look beautiful.

You can visit more informtaion from Cap China

Different styles of wearing a hat

How to wear a hat in different styles? do you want to practice and attempt to balance various shapes and change the infinite fun when you are wearing a hat? Acutally if you are carefully enough you can make you deeply in love with a hat.

First of all, For example, a round flat hat, can “wear out” a lot of different appearance, off-center wearing, is wear, oblique. Each method has a different shape. All the hair into the hat, make you look fresh and associate; Put your hair down and appear delicate and refined. Can also be in the hat don’t nailed on pins, artificial flowers, or some beads, sequins, or even buttons, shell, such as a strange thing, can play odd tricks! Try to find a suitable round flat hat, can the multivariant style oh!

Secondly, hat factory, a brim hat also can change, such as change the ribbon, cloth, brim can grasp a variety of different angles.

Third, when buying a hat, in the shop to try the mirror, imagination can make several different modelling, side drill. Hatting factory prompted a hat method, if there are multiple and is fit for your face shape, is worth to spend money to take it home.

This article is originated by China Caps, you can visit our site: http://www.caps-china.net, http://www.hats-china.net to see more.